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How do I use Share Feeds?

Share Feeds is built on the integrity of recognizing professionals by other professionals in the Food & Beverage Industry. There are no restaurant, food, or beverage reviews. This is a place to recognize industry professionals and establishments for their skills, knowledge, progression, community relations, leadership or just overall bad-ass-ness.

Please use the global growing database of Twitter handles at the top of the home page to search, explore, discover, and connect with Chefs, Bartenders, Sommeliers, Restaurateurs, Baristas, Purveyors, Writers, Mobile food and more.

Beyond our database, the Featured section has knowledgeable concise interviews that allow you to intimately discover individual professionals that are being recognized for their innovation and enrichment to our industry. PaulFeeds is always happy to take in suggestions from you on who you believe should be featured.

The blog portion of the website allows you to explore the food, thoughts, creativity, and travel of the creator of the website Paul Petronella.

How do I add my Twitter handle or suggest a Twitter handle for your directory?

Please fill out the Get Featured form to submit your suggestions. We cannot be everywhere all the time, so we really look forward to your suggestions, especially out of the country. We will do our research and at our discretion make a decision.

How do I suggest an industry professional to be featured for an interview?

Please fill out the Get Featured form to submit your suggestions. Again, we really look forward to suggestions, but the final decisions are at our discretion.

Do you advertise on your site, if so, how do I find out more info?

We do advertise. Our advertisers are just as important as our Features. You may (or may not) notice our advertisers are mixed in with our Featured Professionals. Our eyes have been trained to ignore traditional banners and side bar ads. We want you to learn about our advertisers just as much as we want you to learn about our Features. We take the same consideration when choosing these businesses.

Please fill out the Get Featured from to submit your inquiries regarding advertising.

Is there a significance to the illustrations on the home page?

There is a significance and that is to offer free education. We realize this site is not only for Food & Beverage professionals, but for those who love our industry as a whole. These are fun facts, if you will, for those who may not know the ins and outs of our business.

Who are you, and what qualifies you to pick out talent?

My name is Paul Petronella, I own a restaurant in Houston, TX called Paulie’s. I also run the kitchen at OKRA Charity Saloon in downtown Houston, Houston’s one and only charity bar.  I also recently opened a wine bar with David Keck, Camerata.

I come from a large Italian-restaurateur family. I’ve been around this business before I could read and write. You might say it’s in my blood. Besides my 4 year sabbatical in the advertising industry, I’ve been a part of a restaurant one way or another. My family are restaurateurs, my friends are industry professionals. I’ve seen restaurants fail and I’ve seen restaurants succeed. Everyone needs help. I want to do my best to offer that in my own ways.

Can I broaden my search results by leaving some of the categories unselected?

Yes.  For example, if you want to search ALL coffee professionals in Texas, do not select a city.  Or, if you want to search ALL Food/Beverage professionals in Texas, do not select a profession.

I have noticed when searching News/Press, I receive search results that are not totally correct, why is that?

You may find search results that do not match exactly when searching News/Press.  That is because, although a writer or publication may be based in one city, it may be shared throughout the country, or world.  For example, although James Beard Foundation and Star Chefs are based in New York, they touch people all over the world.   So, you may see a publication appear in multiple search queries.