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Paul CamerataShareFEEDS is a central location designed to bring Food & Beverage professionals together from around the world. Our database is compiled of Twitter handles from Chefs, Restaurateurs, Bartenders, Sommeliers, Baristas, Writers/Bloggers, Purveyors, Mobile Food and more. We believe out of all professions, F&B gains the most from Twitter. It is a platform that allows us to share our daily interactions, discoveries and innovations with each other and the world.

I am a restaurateur myself, and I understand the importance, not only of customer connection but of a connection between others in the Food & Beverage industry. It is my passion to enrich our F&B community by offering the tools to help us grow. The people and places in our evolving database are forward-thinking leaders and/or positive influences on our community. If I had to pick one word that fits everyone in this database, INTEGRITY. Food and drink at the end of the day is subjective, but INTEGRITY is something everyone can practice. People grow and change every day, so does our database. If you are someone who belongs on this website, or know someone who should be, PLEASE let us know.